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Investing YYC today announced an investment in groHERE Harvest Ltd. which will provide the Calgary-based company with the additional growth capital to accelerate the scale of its agricultural operations and provide sustainably and locally-grown strawberries to Albertans. This marks the first investment in 2023 for Local Investing YYC.

“groHERE is dedicated to producing fresh, locally grown strawberries for Albertans 365 days per year at commercial scale. We are also committed to buying and utilizing local products and services wherever we can. When we were introduced to Local Investing YYC we immediately felt an alignment of our vision and the community they have created. This is a great partnership and demonstrates the power of thinking, buying, and investing locally.” – David Dial, President & CEO, groHERE Harvest

Sustainable agriculture practices are being increasingly adopted by growers in Alberta, and across Canada. groHERE uses a fully controlled growing environment that reduces the amount of water and chemicals used in the process. By growing strawberries locally, the impact of transporting produce across markets is substantially reduced.

Local Investing YYC is proud to support innovative, inclusive, and promising local businesses that have a positive impact within the community and beyond.

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