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Urban Grow Operation

We had the good fortune of taking over an extensively renovated building set up as an enormous cannabis grow operation.

The infrastructure fit our needs well and this has accelerated our timeline by over 12 months and significantly reduced the capital needed to build our facility.

We only needed to adapt the facility for our grow towers, LED lighting, harvesting, and processing workflows.

Cultivation Room #1

This is our smallest grow room. We use it for testing and process refinement. We have over 500 plants in this grow room which is sufficient to support our research and development objectives.

Grow Rooms

We have eight 2,000 sq ft grow rooms to equip with our custom-engineered towers and the latest in horticultural LED lighting. Each room will support over 11,000 strawberry plants. We’ll be nurturing over 88,000 plants year-round in just 16,000 sq ft, within Edmonton’s city limits.

Irrigation and Water Management

Total controlled environment, vertical farming requires up to 20x less water than traditional field operations. We supply the exact amount of water necessary for the plants to thrive. We also recycle up to 50% of the water used in the facility.

Climate Control

In precision agriculture, we create an ideal growing environment. Plants get the ideal summer day, every day. groHERE applies its state-of-the-art control systems to manage temperature, light frequency and intensity, humidity and airflow.

Growing strawberries is about using science to optimize plant health and productivity.