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Imported strawberries are expensive, taste like cardboard, and don’t last long.

About 95% are trucked in from California and Mexico where drought, fire and increased fuel and shipping costs threaten supply.

We’re Growing Fresh, Local, Delicious Strawberries Year-Round In Alberta in a totally controlled environment.

groHERE is a large scale, integrated grow and packaging operation scaling up to deliver fresh, premium grade, locally grown strawberries to Albertans.

We’re operating a 16,000 sq ft urban grow operation with the capacity to produce and package 1.2M lbs. of strawberries per year in NW Edmonton.

We are currently producing and selling strawberries in limited commercial quantities, while we raise funds to bring our facility to full capacity.

Vertical Towers
Edmonton Facility

Phase One

The Edmonton Facility

Our 16,000 square foot Edmonton facility includes 8 grow rooms with 128 sixteen-foot towers growing 88,000 strawberry plants. The facility is capable of producing over one million pounds of strawberries per year.

Our grow operation is a CanadaGAP® compliant facility (food safety) that includes specialized HVAC and irrigation systems.


We’ve just launched our next funding round. For information please request our prospectus.

Where to Buy our Strawberries

Commercial Buyers

Restaurants and retailers we’re ramping up production but currently have limited quantities available. Please express interest and let’s discuss your needs.

Local Residents

Local Residents we’re ramping up production and expect to be in local stores this fall.