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The stark reality is that at the current rate of growth, the world population will be 9.7 billion people by 2050. 
As a result, food production will have to double in the same period.
A big challenge to this is that currently 50% of crops grown in North America are lost prior to harvest from things like weather, climate, water shortages, pests, birds, disease, and other causes. Globally that number is closer to 70%.
Another challenge is that North American retailers continue to face increased supply chain uncertainty and the effect of long haul transportation on GHG emissions. Concerns over pesticides and food safety are also at the forefront of retailer’s concerns.
Add this all up and the world faces a problem of huge proportions. 
There must be a better way. 
We are not under the illusion we can solve global or even Canadian food supply and security issues. We do believe, as with any worthwhile goal no matter how large or daunting, if you focus on what you can control you begin to take steps toward overcoming the larger questions that need to be answered.
groHERE is in the process of becoming a large-scale strawberry producer that delivers safe, reliable, and secure production. And strawberries are only the beginning. 
We leverage our experience in business, agriculture, energy, and technology to build and operate Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) vertical farms with a mission to produce food in Alberta 365 days a year at a scale that can have an impact on local communities.